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What we do 

At M C International Links : 

We look at work from a very pragmatic and global perspective acquired through years of community involvement. We offer a wide range of products to suit the needs of individuals, charities and companies.

a)For individuals: 

1.Volunteering : 

Our flagship product since 2000. We recruit young people from all over the world for placements in the UK, India and Peru. So far over 400 people have volunteered with us to come to the UK with a 99% success of visa approvals. This is a fantastic opportunity to bridge cultures, learn new skills, and make new friends. Click for more information

2.New in the city: 

Relocation and career transitions can be very challenging. We can help you throughout this process to determine your goals and achieve them faster and easier Click here for more information

"Do's and donts", Basic Registration,Studies Conversion,and advisory on studies, careers coaching  

b)For charities: 

1.Training workshops in Project Management and Fundraising: 

Suitable to all needs and budgets, our workshops are delivered in group Face to Face in London, Distance Learning anywhere in the world, or in house. Click here for more information.

2.Poverty Relief and International Development Solutions :  

Hands on work along the Project Cycle Management from securing funding to reporting in Health and Education, Human Rights and Justice, Gender and Domestic Violence and Income Generation. Click here for more information.


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